Continuous Publishing for SQL Server 2005, BOL and Sample Updates

One of the things that we have worked hard on for SQL Server 2005 is providing an infrastrcuture for samples and Books On Line that allows us to do frequent updates, this has been driven by feedback and also the positive reaction to the quarterly updates we were doing for BOL in SQL 2000.

We just shipped the first set of updates and have been working on the next set, you can get the BOL update here, and the samples update here.


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  1. Travis Owens says:

    It’s great the team has been so responsive to suggestions from end users and we have gotten an update so quickly, but a 116meg download is pretty meaty for what many would consider an "update".

    Instead of a full install for every update, I’d rather see a small update install with an occasional (every 6 months? once per year?) package where all previous updates are combined into a new full sized BOL package.

    You have to find that middle ground between offering small updates and offering a full size package /w all included changes. I mean nobody wants a large download every 2 months, and nobody wants to apply 50 updates to a 3yr old install package.

  2. Good feedback about the size, I’ll pass it on.

  3. Binh Cao says:

    speak for yourself travis.

    I think whenever there is a good sizable changes in content, there should be an update….the size of the download should not matter, the value of the content and the accuracy of the document should be the factor determining when an update is released.

  4. C To says:

    You read newspaper or articles everyday. For some IT industry today, to get information refreshed on even the same product every three months can be a serious cripple. I won’t lobby for going for less.

    Updates on the documentation can be and should be done whenever possible. There is no punishment for your machines or operating system if you do so. These updates are not system updates. If you don’t like the more frequently, you can do it less frequently, you do have a choice. You can do it once a year. All you want to ask is that they should be accumulative. Some people want to read Internet news every minute, and many only read daily newspaper, while quite a few prefer only monthly magazines.

    For people who don’t like using the out-of-date information when there new info available, we now have a choice.

  5. Travis Owens says:

    Binh Cao & C To,

    I think you misread my point… which was, the team should release updates as often as they feel neccesary, I’m just suggesting instead of downloading a whole new books online, I’d like to get just the newest update pack.

    And for the team to interminately release a full install refresh every once in awhile.

    This means you install the ~100meg BOL package now, and every month or two you install a 3meg update package instead of having to download another ~100meg package every 1-2 months.

  6. Dave Shank (SQL Server User Education Group Manager) says:

    Euan, thanks for posting the info on our recent refresh. Looking at the discussion of this it is clear that our new efforts to do a better job telling customers what we added and what we changed in BOL (something we never did before) is not fully understood.

    The updated content is now available on msdn and there you can see the topic where we list links to what we added and what we changed:,SQL.90).aspx#BKMK_SSDE

    In addition, we have added change tracking tables to many of the updated topics so a customer can tell what part of the topic we have updated. Example in this topic:

    Our goal is to post the new and updated topics to the online library on an ongoing basis and then roll all new and updated content into the quarterly downloads (unfortunately we can’t do incremental updates to the local copy of BOL yet). This should address several of the comments posted to your blog entry.

  7. Simon Sabin says:

    Thanks for the updated BOL as promised. Its really leasing to see the feedback given incorporated, even if it has been used word for word (I’m sure I should get some royalities 🙂

    However there’s still no pages covering and explaining the standard error messages in SQL. See post above for details.

  8. SimonS says:

    Books online has, as promised, been updated and available for download from Microsoft. However there…

  9. SimonS says:

    Books online has, as promised, been updated and available for download from Microsoft. However there…

  10. Books online has, as promised, been updated and available for download from Microsoft. However there…

  11. Euan Garden just announced the release of updates to BOL and samples for SQL Server 2005.  Get all…

  12. Books online has, as promised, been updated and available for download from Microsoft. However there

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