Need a book on Analysis Services 2005?

Good list here, I did review one of these and was impressed, I hope the others are all as good as it was.

More lists as I find them or create them.

Comments (2)

  1. bral says:

    Can anyone recommend a good 2005 AS book for total newbies to AS (either available now or coming soon)? Not a high level overview, but a book that gets you going fiddling with stuff, good examples, etc. People are MS-SQL experienced in our shop, but not on the AS end. Still, I think there are processes here which could benefit from applying AS tools.

  2. Euan Garden says:

    I believe there is going to be a step by step book for 2005, although its not listed in Mosha’s list yet. I’d recomend that but then I am bias as I know some of the authors 🙂

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