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I use BlogJet to do most of my posting if ind the offline and editing stuff pretty easy and its a snap to upload images to another site ( we don’t have an image store for msdn blogs so they have to go to another site and get linked). The one thing it does(or does not) that annoys me is when I post it automatically sets the community participation for community server to false, now I believe this is the way we have blogs.msdn set up in terms of defaults but there is no way to override this in the editor. This means that every time I post I then have to go to the admin page in community server to set the flag if I want it to appear on the http://blogs.msdn.com page.

So what does this rant have to do with the title? Well one of the ways I discover interesting blogs for my own reading or to pass on, that reside on MSDN, is to subscribe to the rss feed from the community page I was ranting about above.

Today I discovered a new SQL blog by the guys in the offices right below me in building 35, the SQL Server Customer Advisory Team. While they may not make a ton of postings the ones they do are really indepth and technical with great insight.

You can read them here: http://blogs.msdn.com/sqlcat/

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