Lots of PASS posts on SQL Junkies right now

Too many to list individually but check out;

http://sqljunkies.com/Weblog/ before they start scrolling

Comments (2)

  1. wnkrs says:

    I understand you can download Oracle 10g for free.

    Unless you’re running the database on your granny’s laptop, with about 64 mega of memory like most MS managers’ laptops, please get a clue.

  2. Euan Garden says:

    Always good to get such positive well thought out comments. I thought about deleting this one but it gives me an opportunity to mention the fact that MSDE and SQL Express are both free to download, but even better they are free to use as standalone database systems.

    Given that they are based on the awesome SQL Server codebase that scales from laptops all the way to 64 way, 64 bit, 1TB RAM machines, thats pretty impressive!

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