How big is Tech Ed?

Well I am actually impressed this year that the conference seems to be a lot denser than in the past, something my knees are appreciating, however it always intrigued me as at how far I walk at one of these things.

Well I should wonder no more, we have been giving out SQL Server 2005 Pedometers in the Cabana. My score for the week is;

Mon: 9,000 steps

Tues: 12,000 steps

Wed 9,000 steps


Of course this is pitiful in comparison with Ash who did 20,000 on Tues alone.

Comments (1)

  1. Brian Hoyt says:

    Sitting in my morning session I have a guy on one side bouncing his leg the entire time. On the other side I have a guy bouncing his pedometer against the chair. Just to win some trinket. Don’t do this gag again please.

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