TechEd Day 1

Soooooooo much to blog and so little time.

As I type this the first round of Day 1 videos are being uploaded on There are some really cool ones including a roundtable of PMs, another of the Marketing team, a great couple of some TechEd fashion discussions, some backstage footage from the keynote green room etc.

I had a couple of requests to go ahead and make the files available for ftp/download, I need to change the way things are setup on the site for that so I’ll try and get to it tomorrow (in true TechEd style the earliest I have been to bed has been 3 so far this week, its currently 2:04 and I don’t see this improving).

I have some more Day 1 stuff but the encoding is taking a long time as is the upload so I will try and do it tomorrow.

Today was fun, I headed over for SteveBs keynote, I’m lucky enough to have a special pass for the keynote room as I am helping with some of the demo stuff so I got in and sneaked back stage. Steve was in his usual good form and obviously had boundless energy.

I had a bad breadkfast this morning of Krispy Kreme, those things are SOOOOO addictive although none were warm. I met up with Donald Farmer who took a Red Eye, os we could go do some prep for the keynote demos, then I headed off to the speaker lounge to do some prep for the session we had at 5.

In between I spent some time in the Cabana which is very cool and also in the Pavillion.

For lunch I met up with some SBS admins who were local to Orlando, Anders Hejlsberg joined us and we helped try and find a pod on SBS for them to ask questions.

After lunch it was time for some more time in the cabana, followed by final prep for the session.

The session went well, some stuff did not work in terms of the style but I do think the demos went over well, I’ll check the scores tomorrow. After that was over I was interviewed for and when I was done, had a chat with Michael Raheem about our session for Tuesday.

Final task in the convention centre was to head into the keynote room to support the rehearshals for Paul Flessners keynote, it went well but took a fair while, we got out at 10:30 and I have spent the last 4 hours snacking on some Onion Soup(std conference meal for me) and working on the podcasts.

Right time for sleep, more tomorrow.


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