Is PDC worth it?

Interesting post here.

Its a very fair question to ask. I’ve been more closely involved in PDC planning this year than ever before, especially the content planning. The team has been very aware of some of the well made points in the post and comments. We know we need to make PDC relevant to all developers, to have the cool and shiny stuff but also the stuff that helps you do your jobs. Its a tough balancing act but we continue to focus on delivering a great event. Watch this space for more details as they happen.

So to answer the title question, my answer is an unequivocal


But feel free to continue to post and send mail on what it takes for you to agree with me.

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  1. I dont know the details on PDC but I believe that must be certain fixed costs; meals, materials, parties and other crap. If MSFT would offer a sessions only pass for a reduced price that would be interesting to someone like me. Other major conferences offer a number of registration levels, I actually attended NAB this year for free and was able to get out of it what I needed.

  2. Keith,

    Thanks for the feedback, I don’t think we had planned to rovide this option but I will certainly suggest it.


  3. Riding Herd says:

    I’ve noticed that a couple of the track owners on our virtual content team have started blogging…

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