New SQL Server MSDN Forums are live

Along with Visual Studio we are adding the option of support of the CTP program via Web Based forums in addition to the traditional newsgroups, we’d love to hear any feedback on the system.


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  1. Hi Euan,

    Are the forums accessible via a newsreader client?



  2. Jamie,

    Not yet in terms NNTP support but the team is looking at it for a future version.

  3. Thanks Euan. If you could let us know on your blog when that happens I for one would be very grateful!



  4. Ashton Hobbs says:

    Euan, will Microsoft techs be checking the forums much like the check the current newsgroups? I prefer the forums but the # of posts seems to be low compared to usegroups and I posted 2 items looking for answers. Is it better to post on forums or newsgroups?

  5. Yes members of the team will be following the groups, we have actually appointed a moderator for each of the groups to make sure that posts get answered.

    Its your choice where to post, I think that over time the forums will get busier but right now more people will read it if you post in the newsgroups.

  6. n/default.aspx?ForumGroupID=19 Along with Visual Studio we are adding

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