SQL Server 2005, More languages and localised BOL available

We are now starting to get the international versions of the SQL Server 2005 Books Online back from the translators. As we did with SQL Server 2000, we are posting downloadable versions of these in the Download Center. But for the first time we are also publishing the translated copies in the MSDN Library so…


BI Metadata Toolkit Samples available

We get asked questions about dependency analysis, especially in the BI space, a lot with SQL Server 2005. I think this is for a couple of reasons;   1/ Its a real problem for many customers. 2/ With most of our metadata being available in XML form, it just feels like there should be a way to…


Another batch of SQL Server 2005 SKUs has shipped

There are actually more than 700 SKUs of SQL Server 2005 by the time you include all the base SKUs(SSE, WKGP, Std, EE, Dev, Eval) in 9 languages(ENU, JAP, DEU, CHT, CHS, KOR, ESN, ITA, FRA), on 3 Platforms(x86, x64, IA64) by the gazillion licensing schemes that we have(Open, Select, Retail, etc etc). There are…


Continuous Publishing for SQL Server 2005, BOL and Sample Updates

One of the things that we have worked hard on for SQL Server 2005 is providing an infrastrcuture for samples and Books On Line that allows us to do frequent updates, this has been driven by feedback and also the positive reaction to the quarterly updates we were doing for BOL in SQL 2000. We just shipped…



More info than you can hope for from Mosha here;


March of the benchmarks continues

Just because we have shipped and launched (well in some of the world) SQL Server 2005 RTM does not mean we stop improving the system and working on benchmarks. The SP1 benchmark window has opened up so the first of the new marks have been published. First up is a TPC-C with 64 way Itanium…