Euro Road Trip Pt 6 – IT Forum, Travel and SQL Server

Trying to make the titles a little more interesting 🙂

Well I finally made it to Copenhagen but it was a very entertaining, we were late leaving Aberdeen which means we missed the connection to Copenhagen in Stavanger, about 10 of us were on the plane. So we ended up going on another plane to Sandefjord and then waiting there(we were the only people in the airport apart from the cleaners) for a flight to Copenhagen. All the take offs and landings were very exciting and bumpy which was veyer entertaining indeed! I eventually got into Copenhagen about 3 hrs late at 11 but by the time I got to the hotel(SAS Radisson Royal) they had let all the rooms go, so they put me up in room 606 which is the most famous room in Copenhagen apparently. Its still the same decor as when the hotel was first built and was designed by a famous artist, they give tours of the room when no-one is staying there, but luckily not when someone is staying there!

My first session was last thing on Wednesday, it was a SQL 2005 A-Z session at level 200, this is always a tough session to do as to show some of the benefits of SQL 2005 really requires some technical depth. I showed a one line CSharp example of SQLCLR, SQLiMail and ReportBuilder(again!) as part of the session and it seemed to go down well but many folks wanted more depth, which sorta goes against the goal of a 200, so maybe next year we should have an overview 300 session that is very demo heavy. Feedback welcome op this point.

My final session was Thursday just before lunch on SQL Server Monitoring with MOM 2005, there is a lot of MOM content here at the show so this was a very full session, it seemed like it went down well although I think we need to do some work on the session and make it more of a drill down into some of the SQL Server specifics based on the feedback.

After finishing my session I headed off to the press room to get my annual grilling from the European IT Journalist crowd (by not going to TechEd Europe this year I missed it). It was very gentle this year (and I thank you all for that <g>) with the exception of one that was very tough. I got to spend an hour with Tim Anderson who has done some excellent articles on SQL2005 and VS 2005.

All that remains is parties, booth duty and a return home 🙂

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