Euro Road Trip Pt 5

It has been a fun weekend relaxing in Aberdeen, back to doing some "work" today. I went to speak at my old University. I spent time in the morning speaking with the first years on the Comp Sci course about all the different things, including working @ MS, that I had done since graduating from RGU. They seemed a little overwhelmed by the experience as I was doing my 100MPH thing again, plus they have only been studying Computer Science for 6 weeks at this point so talking about testing, design, user requirements gathering etc may have intimidated them a little!

Second lecture of the day was a little more challenging, I presented to some of staf and Masters students in trends in commerial database systems, its not the sort of talk I get to do a lot so it was fun to write and also deliver, I did have some controversial stuff in there and was expecting to get more of a hard time than I did, but I was not complaining.

Some things have changed a fair amount in the 10 yrs since I graduated but a bunch of the lecturers are still there and the layout of the building is mostly the same, a bunch of the classes are the same although they have new names just to keep me on my toes and the School has really invested in research in the last few years. Thanks to Susan Craw and David Davidson, both former lecturers of mine, for hosting me for the visit!

Well tomorrow is a travel day on my way to IT Forum, first hop is to Stavanger and then to Copenhagen, the first hop is on one of these tiny little 12 seater planes, I'll be holding on tightly with my eyes closed for the majority of the trip 🙂

Comments (5)

  1. Ike says:

    Speaking of SQL 2005… (Were we?) Rumor has it that there’s a petition to get database diagrams back into SQL Server 2005! Sign, sign, sign!!!

  2. Euan Garden says:

    THey will almost certainly make it back, the VS Data team has done the work to bring the code back, now we just need to integrate their code updates. This will happen for RTM and maybe Beta 3

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