Nice Overview of some of the new Tools and features in SQL2005

Bill Ramos, the PM for Management Studio, XM and a bunch of other stuff found this sample book chapter today, its got good coverage of the new features in the tools.

The authors obviously have some good inside contacts, the screen shots mostly refer to a machine called ThomRiz, this is the e-mail alias of Thomas Rizzo a Director of Product Management in SQL Server. He folllows the common(and recomended) practice of naming your machine after your e-mail alias, sometimes with a number following(after all there can only be one machine called Chewie on our domain and someone got in ahead of me) so it seems like a good plan. This means these shots came from Toms machine. Even more intriguing is the perfmon correlation demo thats coming from a machine called komododemo3, thats one of the tools team demo machines that lives in the lab! Not sure I want to know more 🙂

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  1. Uwe Keim says:

    I once worked with a MySQL frontend. Must say that although the DB itself and the frontend is in no way comaprable to the features of MSSQL, nonetheless the GUI has really many features the helps you in your daily work. Hopefully the new Management Studio has more of these productivity-enhancments, too.

  2. Euan Garden says:

    What sorts of features would you like to see? The Book does not have info on Express manager which is designed to be a simple light management tool that works in conjunction with Management Studio

  3. Uwe Keim says:

    E.g. they have features to simply export a table-structure and the -contents as automatically generated SQL statements ("CREATE TABLE…" and a lot of "INSERT INTO…" statements). Very handy.

    Or e.g. dialogs (like the said export dialog) just remembers your last settings you applied. Very annoying to see Enterprise Manager to always show up with the default options (e.g. the Generate SQL Scripts dialog).

    Just take a look at e.g.

  4. Euan Garden says:

    Good feedback, thanks.

    In SQL 2000 you can script out the DDL and then we will create a series if files that can be BCP’d (rather than just Inserts) although we have had other requests for the Insert stuff so we’ll see if we can do it in a later release.

    In terms of preferences, thats a tough one as remembering last can frequently be the wrong thing to do(if we always named a backup file the same we would overwrite it losing history) But again its good feedback

  5. DG says:

    Good advert for the Maint Plan stuff, all tasks have validation errors 🙂

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