Scoble returns to SQL Server Town(updated)

Robert Scoble was back in Bldg 35 today for a flying visit. He asked to come for a tour of the building for Channel9 and so we obliged. He asked for it to be as geeky as possible so I think we managed that, he spent a couple of hours wandering the halls and chatting with the folks from SSIS(DTS), Data Mining, SQL Engine and the Customer Team/Lab.

When we were wandering around he was saying that one of AndersH interviews was about the hit the 100,000 views milestone, and sure enough, here it is. Much as I love listening to Anders, I still love Bill Hill's interviews so please lets watch him a few more times so he hits the 100k as well 🙂

Should be interesting to see what he decides to publish out of the days entertainment, look out for it!.

Update - Scoble has blogged about the experience and published the picture.

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  1. Euan Garden says:

    More SQL Server on Channel9!

  2. So, a post in Euan Garden’s recently-dormant blog points to his new blog ; which includes some gossip about the HP Superdome computer ; 64 x 64-bit processors, 1TB RAM, 2,500 x 12.8GB (according to Euan) or 18GB (according to Robert Scoble; why can’t tech

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