New Toys, A Classic moment of MS Geekness

As I said earlier Scoble came to visit today. One of the things we showed him was one of the HP Superdomes we have in the SQL Server OEM lab. Now Scoble has seen one before in the EEC, but ours also has 2,500 18GB disks attached to it, so even he was impressed enough to get out his new Smartphone to snap a pic. Followed closely by 2 others members of the group with the same phone:-)

I've only been using my SMT 5600 for a week but I am pretty impressed with it, I am leaving for 2 (working) weeks in Europe next week so we'll see how it holds up there as well.

There are a couple of schools of thought on the geek factor at MS, one is that we are all lemmings and when someone gets a new toy we all have to have one. I don't think thats a case but there are definite waves and geekness. A bunch of people got the original Motorola Smarthphone and the Samsumng that followed, now there is a bunch of people getting the Audiovox, and they are different than the first 2 batches of buyers. Likewise when Tablets came out a bunch of folks got the original Toshibas but when the new (M2?) came out they really took off around here.

I think part of it is how much of a risk taker you are as well as the true geekness factor, personally I never liked the original Motorola designs/features and there were some problems with the early software, now it is pretty damn stable and I love the form factor and the features of the Audiovox. Hopefully the call/signal management and battery life will be as good as the features.

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  1. Euan and toys. Like that inflatable sheep you were bought as a present at PASS one year?


    Anyway, I’ve got a c500, the Orange branded version of the Audiovox. It’s sweet. The older phones had awful battery life, were slow, clunky and sometimes would hang with no indication of it, so you would think you were able to take incoming calls.

    Not any more. This thing rocks. You won’t have problems with reception, that nice triband facility is useful, you’re not limited to the US "standard.

    Now, are we going to see SQL Management Studio for phones? 🙂

  2. So, a post in Euan Garden’s recently-dormant blog points to his new blog ; which includes some gossip about the HP Superdome computer ; 64 x 64-bit processors, 1TB RAM, 2,500 x 12.8GB (according to Euan) or 18GB (according to Robert Scoble; why can’t tech

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