Peter got Slashdotted…

I thought Peter Torr had an interesting blog entry the other day about Firefox, in many ways what was most interesting about it was the reaction from the community. I was going to blog about it but ran out of time with the holiday season upon us. I was going to post a summary of reactions…


The Integration Services Team are blogging, plus a little history

Donald and Kirk are becoming prolific, Kamal promises to become so :-), Ash wants to Kirks post here brings back scary memories. Let me explain… The DTS Team was always amazingly small for what it delivered (as are many teams at MS, the Reporting Services team have done an amazing job for their size). Its…


Our stint on Channel9 is over for now

All 4 of the sessions for channel9 are over for the moment. What would you like to see for the next round, seems like a drill down into SQLCLR would be popular, what other teams and individuals would you like? I have not posted much since coming back from Europe, I’ll have time next week…


More SQL Server on Channel9!

The first of the videos from Channel9’s tour of Bldg 35 is online, enjoy.


Euro Road Trip Pt 7 – IT Forum Party

Normally I would not post about the party aspects of a conference to try and maintain the facade that I have been working my a** off, however last nights attendee party was so impressive that its worth blogging about, in particular the concert aspect. I’ve been lucky enough over the years at various conferences to…


Euro Road Trip Pt 6 – IT Forum, Travel and SQL Server

Trying to make the titles a little more interesting 🙂 Well I finally made it to Copenhagen but it was a very entertaining, we were late leaving Aberdeen which means we missed the connection to Copenhagen in Stavanger, about 10 of us were on the plane. So we ended up going on another plane to…


Euro Road Trip Pt 5

It has been a fun weekend relaxing in Aberdeen, back to doing some “work” today. I went to speak at my old University. I spent time in the morning speaking with the first years on the Comp Sci course about all the different things, including working @ MS, that I had done since graduating from…


Euro Road Trip Pt 4

Another early start today, I was in TVP for 9 ready to speak at the UK Developers Group, which doesn’t start till 10, ooops. Oh well I managed to get changed into my excellent Lime Green User Group shirt with the extra time, and also snag my second Sausage Butttie of the trip(the british diet…


PSS Labs from PASS

For the last couple of years at PASS we have had some of our top Escalation Engineers from Product Support for SQL Server come to PASS and work with attendees at troubleshooting, getting an insight into our techniques and processes. These are now available for download;