Locking and git-tf and… danger?

If you haven’t yet seen or heard about the new git-tf tool from Microsoft, this blog post probably won’t make any sense.  So…  go check it out over at gittf.codeplex.com.  It’s okay, I’ll wait. Okay, got it?  Yeah, I know, it’s cool, right?  Well, it is, but like any software project, there are a few…

Team Foundation Server and Xcode projects with git-tf

Brian Harry announced the availability of git-tf last Monday, a new tool from Microsoft that allows you to create a local git repository from a path in Team Foundation Server, then check the changes in your repository back in to TFS.  This tool is another piece in our cross-platform support, aimed at users of IDEs that…


TFS Austin User Group

A very special thanks to the TFS Austin User Group for providing me time today to present on TFS for Heterogeneous Environments.  My slide deck from the presentation is available here: [View:http://blogs.msdn.com/cfs-file.ashx/__key/CommunityServer-Blogs-Components-WeblogFiles/00-00-01-44-48-AustinTFSUGDemo/6505.Heterogeneous_5F00_ALM.pptx]