Kinect Toolbox 1.2

I’m thrilled to announce the availability of Kinect Toolbox 1.2!

You can download it just there:


This new version introduces a lot of new features alongside bug fixes and various optimizations. As always, you will find in the archive the sources and associated samples (GestureViewer and KinectUI) in order to help you learn how to use the toolbox.

Context tracking

In order to help you detect wrong gestures, I added two classes:

  • ContextTracker: this class detects for you if the user is stable (and so if you can detect gestures or not)
  • EyeTracker: Using the new Face Tracking system of the SDK 1.5, this class allows you to detect if the user is currently looking at the sensor (to avoid detecting unwanted gestures)

With Kinect, you are the mouse!

To help you define adapted UI and control the mouse, the Kinect Toolbox introduces the following new Tools:

  • MouseController: A tool to control the mouse with your Kinect
  • MouseImpostor: A new control to replace the mouse pointer (like on Xbox)
  • Magnetic controls: An attached property to make magnetic controls in order to help you select controls with your Kinect

Combined gestures

With the ParallelCombinedGestureDetector and the SerialCombinedGestureDetector, you will be able to compose gestures (in a parallel or serial way) in order to create really complex gestures.

New PresenceControl control

The PresenceControl control is a WPF control you can use to give a visual feedback to your user. The position of the user’s hands is displayed on top of a depth stream representation.

New KinectUI sample

Kinect Toolbox 1.2 adds a new sample called KinectUI to show you how to create user interface adapted to Kinect:


Comments (22)

  1. Alberto says:


    First of all, thanks for creating this code! It helps a lot.

    But I have a problem with the latest version: when I open the solution in Visual Studio 2010, the KinectUI project appears as "not compatible". Does it require VS2012?

    Best regards,

  2. Yes it requires vs2012

    Thank you for your feedback by the way:)

  3. Alberto says:

    Once VS2012 is installed, it works like a charm :-)

    I was working with Kinect some months ago, and implemented a mouse controller including magnetic buttons, but was discarded by our customer because of lack of usability in big screens. The new version of your library will save Kinect developers tons of work…

  4. payonq says:


    If I understand correctly Toolbox can be used only with VS2012? or only KinectUI works only with VS2012?

    Congratulations, very nice peace of software.

    Best rgds

  5. Hey one project required vs2012

    Kinect can work with vs2010 without any problem

  6. Hey David, thanks for this amazing toolkit!

    I was able to try it out and I got a question regarding face tracking capabilities. When I uncommented the code related to the EyeTracker on MainWindow.xaml.cs, I got a InvalidOperationException (I can give more details on this exception if you want to). Is there anything else I should do, or the face tracking should be working?

  7. Matto says:


    I am using Visual Studio 2012 + Kinect for Xbox 360 and tried starting up the KinectUI project, however the error message received is "the feature is not supported by this version of the hardware". Does this mean that only the "Kinect for Windows" is able to detect the button gestures?

  8. Do you have installed the Kinect for Windows SDK ?

  9. Matto says:

    Yes I am currently running v1.5.


  10. Can you tell me where this error occurs? (On which line I mean)

  11. Matto says:

    Sorry, Not sure if you received my last message. What I meant to say that it was already coded as "kinectSensor.DepthStream.Range = DepthRange.Near;" which causes the error to appear for people using "Kinect for Xbox". This causes the canvas and pointer to dissapear as well.


  12. Hi,David, does this toolbox works for XNA?

  13. Edgar says:

    @Matto That is because you are using the Kinect for Xbox, which not support the near mode.

    To use the near mode needs the Kinect for Windows hardware.

  14. Hi David, First of all thanx for all this code.

    I am trying to get the mouse Impostor to work on the my windows applications/desktop instead or just the wpf application.

    Please note I am able to get the cursor to move on the primary monitor. Just need assistance with the click event. Can you please advise?

  15. AlessandroAlba says:

    Hi David, thanks for your project and the source code.

    I have an issue with my application, can you take a look at my discussion?…/429925

    Any suggestion will be precious, bye.


  16. jiang says:

    Hi, Alberto .

    I want to know, how to learn  a new gesture use  class Learning machine.. Thanks.

  17. Kimmy says:

    Hi David, thanks for sharing your project. How can I set another language in voice recognition? thank you

  18. Hello, just change the RecognizerId in the voice commander class :)

  19. zho says:

    Excuse me David , I'm very glad to find such an example.but can you tell me how can I use VS2010 to open the UI item. Or what i should  replace in the item so that this UI can be runned?

  20. Arijit Das says:

    Hello David,

    I need help to create the .save file. I couldnt find the code how to save the gesture .save file. Please tell me how to

    thanks a lot

  21. how to load custom *.save file? says:

    Whats the easiest way to load custom *.save file with my gesture in it?

    I want to detect a gesture I created and put into a *.save file.

  22. Evan says:

    Hey, i am a chinese student. i found that class BarycenterHelper in v1.2 and v1.3 cannot be used in kinect v1.7. when i downloaded v1.1.1,and the problem goes away.