MishraReader (beta 2) is out!


After several months of coding, we are proud to announce the beta 2 of MishraReader. This version is a full rewrite of the beta1 to include MVVM and dependencies injection design patterns.

But the major feature of this version is the reshaping of the user interface to support METRO guidelines:




You can grab it freely here (MishraReader is available in french and english):


To use it, just follow these instructions:


On this screen, you just have to type your Google Reader account information and click on [SIGN IN]:


Using MishraReader

Once connected, you are able to see unread/starred or all posts:


Using the [SHOW] dropdown menu, you can select only the subscription you want to read:


When you are reading a post, you can:

  • Open the post inside your favorite browser by clicking on the post title or by using the image icon.
  • Mar a post as starred with the image icon
  • Mark the post as read by using the image icon
  • Share a post on Facebook and Twitter (new services will be available in beta 3) with the image icon
  • Bookmark a post with the image icon (Currently no bookmark services are available but we will add new ones in the beta 3)

Configuring MishraReader

Using the settings menu, you can configure different options (don’t forget to click on [SAVE CHANGES]):


In the account screen, you are able to disconnect current account and decide if you want to automatically mark items as read when you select them:


Sharing Services & Bookmark Services

With this screen, you can configure sharing and bookmark services.



MishraReader can use 8 different accent colors that you can select using the Display screen.

You can also choose to:

  • Show only posts summary (instead of using a web view of the full post) which is quicker to load
  • Use a notification icon and in this case show or hide the main window in the taskbar



The network screen allows you to select:

  • the quantity of item downloaded per request (between 10 and 500)
  • the automatic refresh interval (between 1 minute and 1 hour)


I hope you will like this version as we worked hard to make it the better feeds reader available!

Do not hesitate to give us your feedbacks using the http://mishrareader.codeplex.com site Clignement d'œil

Comments (11)

  1. ct says:

    This makes me happy!  Giving this a run!

  2. angel says:

    very nice though I preferred the dark theme, would be nice in the future the user can select if want a dark them or a light theme…:D

  3. Cedric "KazhOo" Cazin says:

    Hi, Very Nice, cool metro style.

    One Feature which will be cool to have, would be to have a hierarchical View with the Categories (like Google reader).

    For example, I like to read all the humor or Comics posts all together :).

    Where can we found a document about Metro GuideLines (for windows, not phone).


  4. I agree with your point. Beta 3 will introduce the feature

    About METRO for windows, all will be (or is) available here : dev.windows.com

  5. Alli B says:

    I love this reader. It was great to look at before and the redesign is even better. Looking forward to the bookmark services being up and running.

  6. Lucas B. says:

    Le reader est vraiment bien fait, metro-style (enfin un soft Metro à la hauteur de Zune) et réactif, cependant j'ai remarqué que lorsqu'on ajoute un nouveau feed via le site google reader et qu'on essaie de passer les nouveaux articles en lus via le carré à gauche du titre, cela fait crasher l'application.

    Beau travail cependant, je songe sérieusement à m'en servir au quotidien !

    PS : Les sources du programme seront-elles disponibles un jour ?

  7. Bonjour et merci pour les compliments:) Les sources sont également et d'ores et déjà disponibles sur mishrareader.codeplex.com.

  8. Lucas B. says:

    Ah en effet mes excuses ! :)

    Du coup, si c'est possible je vais essayer de plancher un peu dessus pour rajouter éventuellement une fonctionnalité ou deux et corriger ce bug !

    Encore merci !

  9. Avec plaisir, de plus nous allons ouvrir le groupe à tous ceux qui veulent ajouter des fonctionnalités ::)

  10. I really love this, may be you can develop a win8 version using metro. (Actually, I'm trying  by myself. I'm a beginner, so there are still many works to do.)

  11. DS says:

    best looking reader for Windows, keep working on, waiting to use Read it Later with this.