Mishra Reader beta 1 is out

Mishra Reader is a Google Reader client written with WPF 4.0. You can find the complete project with sources just here:


So what’s new in this release?

Collapsible headers

The subscriptions are now group by categories which are represented by collapsible headers:


Publish to Facebook and Twitter

You can now link a post to your Facebook wall or to your Twitter status (including support for bit.ly)


Revamping of options UI

The options screen has been revamped and some new options were added.


For example, you can now change the accent color to personalize your Mishra Sourire

Starred items

Mishra Reader allows you to mark items as starred so you can keep them for further reading.


And a lot of others things

The complete what’s new is:

  • Scaled picture can be saved to clipboard
  • Application icon in notification area
  • Notifications support with ability to hide minimized application
  • French support
  • Starred support
  • Collapsible headers
  • Integration to Windows 7 Taskbar
  • Auto save of application size and position
  • About page
  • New keyboard shortcuts : J, K, M and V (same behavior as Google Reader)
  • Search in post content (Ctrl + F key)
  • Possibility to view all items in a category (click on the category name)
  • Accent color can be changed
  • Publish to Facebook
  • Publish to Twitter
  • Using NReadability, you can display a decluttered version of posts
  • Network optimizations
Comments (9)

  1. MosaiR says:

    The new version looks really great.  I enjoyed already the previous version and I am sure it will be a far greater experience this time.

    I am however unable to connect to Google Reader after loging in my account. Please help

  2. Hi MosaiR, did you get an error message?

  3. MosaiR says:

    Hi David. I get a big "unable to connect to Google Reader.  Please check your login and password." The same message appears from my work PC and home PC.  Actually I already got this right before the notification of beta 1 update came out.  I tried to login directly to Google Reader using the same login and password and I successfully connect.

  4. Hi MosaiR, and really sad to hear that you cannot connect to Mishra :(

    can you send me a mail (davca @ microsoft[dot]com) so I can try to see what's happen?

  5. Sven says:

    I installed the application with the click once ( on codeplex ).

    Why is it installed in the users/…./App_Data folder? Why is there no shortcut on the desktop?

    For the time, that i used the program now ( couple hours :) ). It looks a great application.

    But not easy to access the program ( find it , …. ) . If you know nothing about computers.

  6. You have a shortcut of Mishra in the Start menu/programs :)

  7. Sven says:

    And the other question? The location for installation?

  8. It is the standard location for ClickOnce application (ie. application installed from the web)

  9. fred says:

    Quiero conseguir la Beta 1 de Mishra Reader.   La Beta 2 es Horrible, La Beta 1 era mas fácil navegar