Mishra Reader–Your brand new RSS reader


I just finished the first alpha of MishraReader, a tool written with WPF 4.0 (so you need to install .NET framework 4.0) which allows you to read your feeds (using a Google reader account).

You can download it here : http://www.catuhe.com/files/MishraReader.zip

This version is an early alpha with a lot of missing features (such as notifications for instance).

In a near future, I will write a blog on some key points of the code used in MishraReader.

Comments (5)

  1. Olivier Courtois says:

    Nice work. I'm waiting for the next versions. The alpha is so promising!! The animations are really smooth.

    During my tests, I've seen that flash videos weren't displayed. Some things also annoying me: content is displayed with the website design even if I'm still in the app (meaning I've not click on the browser icon), the back icon doesn't have the right icon and content is loaded in a too lazy manner. If you don't use it, consider looking inspiration in Reeder App for iPad (a must have).

    I hope my remarks will help you. See you.

  2. The IE icon has a wrong tooltip, you must read "View in your browser"

    The content of a post in the content provided as a summary by google reader

    I will have a look at reeder app :)

  3. Fleon says:

    Hey, very nice reader- could you look into adding a couple of features?

    1. "Mark all read" would be great

    2. The ability to read all in a category instead of breaking it out into individual feeds

    3. "Mark above as read" so I can mark everything I've already skimmed as read while leaving the rest untouched

  4. Arlo says:

    Shortcut keys? I hate clicking around when reading. I like to quickly go through and scan the titles that sound interesting, then read them in more detail later. Either that day or perhaps days later. Pretty, though. :)

  5. @Arlo : a lot of new features are coming for the beta 1. Feel free to go to mishrareader.codeplex.com to see them. The shortcuts are on of them.