Moving Service Syndication Towards Commercial Reality

The GSM Association (GSMA) held its Mobile Innovation Marketplace — Americas event in Atlanta, GA this past week.  On June 3, 2008, Microsoft announced the Connected Services Accelerator Program, a series of projects designed to incubate, and ultimately commercialize, new types of consumer, business and mobile services through collaboration with independent software vendors (ISVs), developers and operators….


Microsoft supporting Four Catalyst Projects at TM Forum Managment World, Nice in May

I have written here before that Microsoft is a service provider as well as a software vendor.  Microsoft has an increasingly vested interest in addressing the difficulties of managing a large array of services both across Microsoft and out to the channels as Managed Service Syndications.   As part of this process, Microsoft has ramped up its involvement with the TM Forum…

Microsoft the Service Provider

Last week, the TeleManagement Forum ( held its Management World Americas event in Dallas, TX. Walking through the exhibit areas and reviewing the two Catalyst Projects that Microsoft contributed to, I began to think about how Microsoft has evolved into a Service Provider over the past several years.  Microsoft has been viewed by this industry as primarily a software or platform…


New era of wireless bypass taking shape?

In an article by Business Week on MSN, we can see a new era in “Bypass” taking shape.    The incumbent service providers are busy building out IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) infrastructures and associated service creation/service runtime environments whose main purpose appears to be to collect a toll for users that pass their…