SwampThingTom on Performance Analysis:

Interesting read on SwampThingTom’s blog today. I’d never heard of the NProf tool before, but the information it gives seems to be very similar to what you can get from much more expensive tools. Definitely worth reading.

Foreach and Garbage, Part 2

As promised, here’s a bit more about foreach and garbage. Last time I wrote about the Windows Desktop CLR. This time I want to find out if my results hold true on the Xbox 360 as well. What did I find out last time? “When doing a foreach over a Collection<T> an enumerator WILL be allocated.When…


Optimizing for Readability

About a week ago, Shawn wrote a post about different types of code, and how he designs them. In a few categories, he mentioned optimizing for readability. Today OldNewThing has a post about optimizing for readability. It’s an interesting read, and the bit about boolean function parameters definitely rings true with me. The other day…