New version of eSqlBlast – compatible with .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Beta

The .NET Framework SP1 Beta-compatible version of eSqlBlast is available at The release includes a source code zip as well.    The SP1 Beta distributions of .NET Framework 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008 are available through:


eSqlBlast on Code Gallery

MSDN Code Gallery is now live! It’s a place to download compiled binaries rather than source code. The latest eSqlBlast is available at

eSqlBlast – The Ultimate Tool for Writing Entity SQL Queries

2007.12.18: Today I posted an update to How to Parse an EntityDataReader – I discovered (and fixed) two bugs in the parsing code. Since the code is taken from eSqlBlast, the same fix should be applied to it too. The code is in project Core, class XmlVisitor, method VisitRecord. I’ll try to push a refresh to CodePlex soon. Sorry…


How to Parse an EntityDataReader

2007.12.18: Please accept my apologies – today I discovered (and fixed) two bugs in the parsing code. One is a silly error. The other is that collections should be treated as primitive types and refs with regard to the number of fields. The code bellow includes the changes.   2007.12.04: Last week I discovered that…