eSqlBlast – The Ultimate Tool for Writing Entity SQL Queries

2007.12.18: Today I posted an update to How to Parse an EntityDataReader - I discovered (and fixed) two bugs in the parsing code. Since the code is taken from eSqlBlast, the same fix should be applied to it too. The code is in project Core, class XmlVisitor, method VisitRecord. I'll try to push a refresh to CodePlex soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.


The source code of eSqlBlast is available for public download from the Entity Framework samples location:



Microsoft.Samples.Data.eSqlBlast, briefly eSqlBlast, is a suite of tools and libraries that complements Entity Framework. It aids authoring, executing, and visualizing ad-hoc Entity SQL queries against arbitrary EDM models. The tools of the eSqlBlast suite may be used interactively, from the command line, or embedded in other programs. The eSqlBlast suite also contains XSL transformation scripts for rendering CSDL and its own raw XML format.

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