Technical Evangelist

“What does it mean to be a technical evangelist?” is a question many people ask me. To answer it, I’ve created the picture below, based on the famous meme “What People Think I Do”.   To be honest, all these points of view are correct in some way: Mad scientist One of the responsibilities of…

Exam 70-484 – Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps using C#

If you are studying for the certification exam 70-484 Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps using C#, check the study links for each section of the exam. Se você está estudando para a prova de certificação 70-484 de desenvolvimento de Windows Store Apps com C# essencial, seguem os links para estudo de cada seção da…


Código legado

Post completo e interessante do Steven Sinofsky sobre código legado


Publishing digital games in Brazil

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a lawyer and neither accountable for the content of this post. I’m just trying to help a little bit. A lot of game development companies from all over the world have a huge opportunity when marketing their game in Brazil. Opportunity According to a Ibope (a major market research company in Brazil), 23% of…


Blob Transfer Utility

When I use the Windows Azure Blob Storage in my projects or my partners’ (which I do a lot), one of my best companion tools is the Azure Storage Explorer ( It can do many useful things like creating and setting permissions on containers, upload and download blobs, edit blobs metadata and so on. However,…


Windows Azure Blob Storage – Resuming and progressive downloads support

Helping one of my partners recently, I learned that the Windows Azure Storage APIs are being evolved in the past years and at each new version of the API a series of new features are implemented.. However, for backward compatibility reasons, the standard access to the APIs are always made based on the first version…