Troubleshooting Networking and IPSec Issues

  I had a very strange networking issue last weekend.  After connecting to corpnet via VPN and direct hookup, I was able to ping all remote servers, but was not able to do anything, such as web browsing and remote desktop.  It was not the first time that I faced this issue, and helpdesk told…


Read Office Files as ZIP

It is interesting to me that Office 2007 Metro formats can be broken down as a ZIP file.  To see this in action, you can pick an Office 2007 Metro file, such as XLSX and DOCX, and rename its extension with ZIP.  Then open the renamed file with WINZIP.  You will see that Office 2007…


View calendar via Date and Time Properties as non-admin

It is inconvenient that I cannot open Date and Time Properties as non-admin.  Non-admins should not be able to change the date and time, but should be able to view it.  Sometimes, I want to see what the date of next Wed is.  Now I need to practice doing math in my brain if I run…


How to enable Remote Desktop for non-admin?

After hearing from many that Power Users are still admin, I have converted myself to a regular user.  Most apps continue to work properly.  Remote Desktop stops working.  To be specific, from the non-admin box, I can remote desktop to another machine, but not vice versa.  After fiddling with some settings, I discovered that regulars users…

Running as non-admin is not as hard as I imagine

As a security tester, we need to ensure that our product works under minimal privilege.  Yes, test machines are set up to test with minimal privilege, but my day-to-day email machine is set up with admin privilege.  Although it is a threat to run under admin, it was more threatening to inflict myself with the hassles of…


Why is a JPG file forced to be saved as BMP in IE?

When I right clicked on IE 6 to save a JPG file, Save Picture dialog box only shows BMP as the only output format.  It only reproes on some computers. After some digging, I found out that Internet cache is full on the dubious computer.  For more info, please check;EN-US;q260650