TED2014–Virtual Reality in Space

TED2014 30 year Celebration and Anniversary Vancouver, BC March 17th – 21st Last week the Microsoft Research WorldWide Telescope and the MIT EyeWire team were invited to present a Virtual Reality in Space experience exhibit – the demo that went from neurons to space in a vivid, 360 degree experience from the International Space Station…


Fun with Cliplets–Video and Pics

For some Friday fun, I was playing with Cliplets from Microsoft Research – it let’s you combine still shots and video to create pictures that have movement.  Below I took some video while at Stanford on my cellphone and ran created a cliplet just to test it out – works really easy. What Are Cliplets?…


Layerscape WWT Workshop Tutorial

I’ve created the first in a sequence of Layerscape tutorials as a Power Point deck. This is — of course — published at Layerscape and has garnered rave reviews. Well, one rave review anyway. Here’s what it takes you through: Getting the tools installed on your PC Starting up the Excel Add In for WWT Generating some…


AstroViz 2011 Workshop–June 4 & 5

If you are a professional or student interested in visualizing astronomy data then you should not miss the Astro-Viz 2011 workshop. We invite participants who span a broad range of interests and expertise, including: visualization and graphics experts, illustrators/animators, planetarium developers and media. The goal for this workshop is discussion on the development of visualization…


Happy 2nd Birthday WorldWide Telescope

Today is the 2nd anniversary of the launch of WWT – congrats to Jonathan, Curtis, and the rest of the small team.  Besides the initial windows client (that lead to Scoble’s post – Microsoft researchers make me cry) there is the web client (silverlight), a web control, and the Bing Map WWT addin. There is…


Amazon Web Services support Sloan Digital Sky Survey DR6 Subset

Now that AWS is supporting SDSS, there is probably useful integration between the Worldwide Telescope and the SDSS datasets that can be leveraged, beyond what is currently supported – such as seeing the all the known galaxies in a 3D view – seeing the lattice structure of the universe.  Search and Browse data from the…


TIME – WorldWideTelescope one of 50 Best Websites 2009

TIME magazine has the WorldWide Telescope WebClient (Silverlight) on their list of 50 Best Websites for 2009.  That puts WWT in with sites like Flickr, Twitter, Skype, YouTube, Amazon, and even PhotoSynth – not bad for the very small team we have on it 🙂 WorldWideTelescope Like Google Earth for the heavens, WWT aggregates terabytes…


“Cophenhagen” – a user experience concept video

Just saw some of these great UI concept ideas by Cullen Dudas’ on istartedsomething and it’s a fun watch. Also – some some footage that shows off some of the previous Windows launches. Copenhagen User Experience from Copenhagen Concept on Vimeo. Cross Posted from Dan Fay’s Blog (http://blogs.msdn.com/dan_fay)


WorldWide Telescope – Busy couple of weeks – NASA and SilverLight

Yesterday the joint press release went out on the collaboration and Space Act Agreement we’re been working on with NASA for sometime.  We’re really excited about working with NASA to process many datasets like the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) and make them available in WorldWide Telescope.  Having these images available in the TOAST (tesselated octahedral…