Create Your Own E-Learning

Ran across the release of the Learning Content Development System (LCDS).  Would seem to be a good way to package up some scientific demos/simulations and get it out in short course forms… What is the LCDS? The Learning Content Development System (LCDS) is a tool that enables you to create high quality, interactive, online courses….


Fluxnet move to Silverlight v2.0 Beta 1

Savas has been coding again 🙂 – he’s updated the FLUXNET Data set visualization to Silverlight  v2.  Fluxnet move to Silverlight v2.0 Beta 1 It’s been a while since I touched the Fluxnet code. Given that the original release was built on Silverlight v1.1, I put some time today in re-implementing it in Silverlight v2.0…


Kit3D – a 3D graphics engine for Microsoft Silverlight

I was pointed to this on CodePlex – interesting to think how it could be used to enable Science Apps to display their data in 3D.  Check out the samples at Kit3D – a 3D graphics engine for Microsoft Silverlight – Home Kit3D is a 3D graphics engine for Microsoft Silverlight. There is a…


Silverlight-based cycle stealing

Savas and I had talked about this idea of using Silverlight-based cycle stealing and wondered how well it would work.  It’s good to see this article on CodeProject about Legion: Build your own virtual super computer with Silverlight by Daniel Vaughan.  Legion is a Grid Computing framework that uses the Silverlight CLR to execute user…


PopFly open to Public Beta

It’s great to see that PopFly is now open to a larger audience via it’s public beta.  I especially like the PopFly mashup Deb Agarwal (Berkeley Water Center) did with the AmeriFlux datasets they are working with – a good example of how you can visualize scientific data.   Cross Posted from Dan Fay’s Blog (