Windows 7 Federated Search Providers

I just updated two of my machines to Windows 7 RC and one of the neatest features is the ability to have Federated Search Providers – simply run an XML configuration file (.osdx) to add a search provider to your machine and you can search directly from windows explorer.

So for fun I created two: One to search the Microsoft Research website and one to search my blog.  I also created one to search against internal SharePoint sites…really handy.


BHandler has a post with some links to other .osdx files and David McGhee has other ones…

Windows 7 Federated Search Providers

Microsoft MSDN Blogger, David McGhee, is recommending adding Windows 7 Federated Search Providers from the Windows Seven Forums.  (Support: How to Video & Implementer's Guide)

MSDN Blogger Recommends Free Windows 7 Federated Search Providers - Windows Live

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