University of Washington eScience Institute Rollout Event

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure to participate and present at the UW eScience Institute kickoff event.  I really enjoyed the event and and the vision laid out by Ed Lazowska.  The talks by David Baker, Martin Savage and Andy Connolly really highlighted the need for resources to help in the eScience space.  While the effort is still spinning up, it will be a great resource for scientists at UW to utilize in their efficient adoption of computing technologies.  I look forward in continuing to work with UW as we’ve been doing with the Dynameomics project and with the Trident Workbench.

University of Washington eScience Institute" href="">Rollout Event for the University of Washington eScience Institute

Presentations by:
  • Phyllis Wise, Provost
  • Ed Lazowska, Computer Science & Engineering
        (Interim Director, eScience Institute)
  • Dan Fay, Microsoft Research
  • David Baker, Biochemistry
  • Martin Savage, Physics
  • Andy Connolly, Astronomy

    Rollout Event for the University of Washington eScience Institute

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