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The Facts on MS Interoperability

Edge of  the Valley  By Dan’l Lewin

Contrary to what Bruce Chizen, Adobe CEO, has said about our lack of intention to maintain a cross-platform solution, we have historically demonstrated a market-driven pursuit of interoperability on behalf of our customers. That won’t change, hasn’t changed. Cross-platform support is a small part of our overall interop commitment, and we have a strong commitment to both. We think it’s an important point because our support for real interoperability affects the ability of our customers to drive value from their IT investments and affects the ability of our ISV partners — large and small — to provide solutions that work in the heterogeneous world in which we live and work. We get that. We want to reach out to the broadest audience, and that means going where the audience is — on our platform, yes absolutely, and on others.

Source: The Facts on MS Interoperability | AlwaysOn

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