Word 2007 – Citations, Bibliography, and Equation Editor

Here's a video from on10.net of the Citations, Bibliography, and Equation Editor features I mentioned previously - Word 2007 - Academic features: citation & bibliography tools  To jump right to the Citation part - jump to the 3 min mark.

Office 2007 - Microsoft Word

Office 2007 - Microsoft Word

Posted by Tina Wood on Feb 27th at 8:02 PM


Microsoft Word 2007 rules!  It seems like we've used Word our whole lives but this is - by far - the greatest improvement in features and interface.  High School and College kids around the globe will love the new Microsoft Word 2007.  It's got a comprehensive set of new tools integrated with the incredible new ribbon interface. 



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  1. Michael Hellmich says:

    Nonsense …. the citation functionality is so poorly implemented, that the according forums are full of people seeking for help.

    What is missing:

    – a functionality that makes it easy for direct and indirect citations

    – if you have a book, with numerous articles by different authors you need to enter the information x-times. (Why is there no functionality, that allows to create new entry from existing entries.)

    – and biggest issue: why is there no functionality to adjust the citation format?

    ThirdParty providers make tons of money because of that poor implementation by MS. And the users – e.g. People at Universities, Companies etc. – without Admin-Rights can not even take this path to fix up the mess.  For people trying to write serious scientific papers, this functionality can not be used at all.

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