Sharepoint guidance v2 – drop 9

This week, we published the results of interation 9 to our codeplex site. You can get it here: In this drop, we have addressed a number of tasks: Implemented trusted facade pattern and removed the fake SSO provider Refactored the repositories to make better use of WCF Proxies Support for UpdatePanel in SafeScriptManager Updated…


sharepoint guidance drop 8 video online

Hi guys, Our drop 8 video is online on Channel 9. Check it out: Happy watching and keep practicing! _Erwin


program to interface… in sharepoint

[Update]  I’ve posted a workaround to this issue here:  [Original post]  One of the common practices I try to follow is: Program to interface, not implementation. It allows you to decouple components from each other and easily plug in different implementation. This is great for test driven development, where you can replace all the dependencies…


p&p Sharepoint guidance v2

Since the Prism project is done, I’ll be working on a different project for the next couple of months. Sharepoint guidance on Codeplex The goal of this project is to provide guidance on how to build Sharepoint applications in a professional way. Version 1 of Sharepoint Guidance V1 of the Sharepoint guidance project focused mainly…