sharepoint guidance drop 8 video online

Hi guys, Our drop 8 video is online on Channel 9. Check it out: Happy watching and keep practicing! _Erwin


how to build an outlook style application with prism v2 – Part 2

A while ago, I put an example application on my blog on how to build an outlook style application. The last couple of weeks, I’ve been working on a new version of this app. I’ve done some bugfixes, but also included support for opening use cases in a popup window. It’s turning out to be…


sharepoint guidance v2 – drop 8

Last Friday, we’ve released drop 8 of our Guidance.   What did we tackle in iteration 8 The main theme in drop 8 was exception handling in SharePoint. But we also did a bunch of refactoring in the application: Service locator We want to create a true service locator for sharepoint. However, this is a…


sharepoint guidance v2 – drop 7

Hi guys, Last monday, we have released drop 7 of the SharePoint Guidance V2. You can get it here: In this drop, we have tackled a couple of things: A couple of bugfixes and installation fixes. Created a Logging and Tracing implementation Added a Service locator Refactored code into a PartnerSiteDirectory class For your…


program to interface… in sharepoint

[Update]  I’ve posted a workaround to this issue here:  [Original post]  One of the common practices I try to follow is: Program to interface, not implementation. It allows you to decouple components from each other and easily plug in different implementation. This is great for test driven development, where you can replace all the dependencies…


sharepoint guidance v2 – drop 6 video

Hi Guys, Last week, we have released drop 6 of the Sharepoint guidance V2. In this drop, we have tackled the following subjects: Several ways of doing list access Caching BDC data and published pages Using powershell to query sharepoint workflow associations Here’s a video where Francis and I are talking about what’s in this…


what do you think of prism?

Prism has been out for quite a while now. I hope you had some time to play with it, read the docs, look at the code and build apps with it. So, what do YOU think of prism? Did you like it? Did it help solve your composite application problems? Was it easy to use…