p&p Sharepoint guidance v2

Since the Prism project is done, I’ll be working on a different project for the next couple of months. Sharepoint guidance on Codeplex The goal of this project is to provide guidance on how to build Sharepoint applications in a professional way. Version 1 of Sharepoint Guidance V1 of the Sharepoint guidance project focused mainly…


linq and the dry principle

I found myself today working on a LINQ query that, in my opinion violated the DRY principle.     Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY, also known as Single Point of Truth) is a process philosophy aimed at reducing duplication, particularly in computing. The philosophy emphasizes that information should not be duplicated, because duplication increases the difficulty…


prism v2 – walkthrough webcasts

Last week, Bob and I have recorded a couple of webcasts. In these webcasts, we are creating an modular application that aggregates search results from Digg and Twitter. Part 1: Modules and a shell In the first part, we are demonstrating how to create a Shell and how to create a module for the Digg…


how to build an outlook style application – part 1

[Update] This is part 1 of this post. Read the second post here. At the end of building prism V2, we have played around with different application styles to see how easy it is to consume our own libraries. In this blog post, I’m going to describe my attempt at creating an outlook style application….