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What is a Web Application Project?

A Web Application Project is a Visual Studio 2005 project template.


Why would I use Web Application Projects?

The Web Application Projects template is ideal for web developers who are converting a Visual Studio .NET 2003 web project to Visual Studio 2005. The new Web Application Projects model provides the same Web project semantics as Visual Studio .NET 2003 Web projects. This includes a structure based on project files and a build model based on a single assembly. However, the new project type makes available all the new features of Visual Studio 2005, such as class diagrams, test development, and generics. The new project type also makes available all the new features of ASP.NET 2.0, such as master pages, data controls, membership and login, role management, Web Parts, personalization, site navigation, and themes.


Does Web Application Projects replace the existing template model?

The new Web Application Projects template does not replace the Web Site Project type introduced in Visual Studio 2005. Instead, it is an alternative project type that developers might choose depending on their requirements and their preferred development workflow.


How do I install Web Application Projects?

Currently, you must install Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 - Update to Support Web Application Projects, and then you must install Visual Studio 2005 Web Application Projects.


What are Web Site Projects?

The Web Site Project model is the default Visual Studio 2005 web project model.


What are the differences between Web Application Projects and WSP?

A whitepaper includes this information - Comparing Web Site Projects and Web Application Projects.


Which came first, Web Application Projects or Web Site Projects?

Before Visual Studio 2005, we commonly worked with “Web Applications”. Then, with Visual Studio 2005, the Web Site Projects template was introduced. Shortly after, the Web Application Projects template became available.


How does Web Deployment Projects fit into all of this?

A Web Deployment Project creates and maintains an MSBuild project file, and is associated in a solution with a Web Site Project or Web Application Project. A Web Deployment Project enables you to manage not only build configuration and merge options, but other tasks such as specifying changes for the application's Web.config file during compilation, changing connection strings, creating virtual directories, and performing other tasks at specific points in the deployment process.


How do I select Web Application Projects?

Once you have installed the update to Visual Studio and Web Application Projects template, you can select Web Application from the available templates.


Where can I find out more about Web Application Projects and related topics?

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