New Office Visual How-tos: MOSS and WSS 3.0

We have published 54/101 Office Visual How-tos! We started with some topics related to client development and now we are starting to publish the WSS and MOSS topics. If you are getting started with MOSS and WSS 3.0, I strongly recommend that you take a look at the following series of VHTs: MOSS – Business Data Catalog…


Office 2003 and 2007: MSDN Technical Articles, How-To Content, and Code Samples

Some bloggers and third-party sites compile and provide a set of links to resources related to a topic and some of them are really good. Mark Kruger created a very cool list of 2007 MOSS Resource Links (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) that he updates frequently and I enjoy looking at his list every now and…


Office Fluent UI (Ribbon): New Visual Studio Code Snippets and Office Visual How-to Series

The new Microsoft Office Fluent UI replaces the previous system of layered menus, toolbars, and task panes with a simpler system optimized for efficiency and discoverability. The new UI, including the Office Fluent Ribbon, provides improved context menus, enhanced screen tips, a Mini toolbar, and keyboard shortcuts that help to improve user efficiency and productivity….


Open XML Workshop + New PowerPoint 2007 Code Samples

Lucky me! I had the great opportunity to meet several of the Open XML developers at the Open XML workshop in Redmond last week.   The workshop was quite interesting in terms of content and delivery. Tons of advanced samples related with WordProcessingML, SpreadsheetML, PresentationML, and more. The code for the labs was awesome and…


New Office Visual How-to: Setting Custom Word 2007 Document Properties

You probably read the MSDN Magazine article: Setting Word Document Properties the Office 2007 Way by Ken Getz.  This was one of the first articles related to the Office Open XML Formats published by MSDN and it really helped me understand the Word document manipulation possibilites offered by the Office Open XML Formats. Today we published a…


New Office Visual How-tos: Excel 2007 and the Office Open XML Formats

We have some documentation on Word and the Office Open XML Formats, but few documentation about Excel and PPT + the Office Open XML Formats. I am working with Joanna Bichsel and Mr. Ken Getz to get you all more samples that show you how to work with the System.IO.Packaging API to manipulate Excel workbooks…


New Office Visual How Tos and Office Developer How To Center

Patrick Tisseghem beat me to it (you are so fast man), but I thought posting three blog entries in the same day was crazy. Today I will blog about a project that has kept us busy for a while: “The Office Visual How Tos.” We know that the internet has changed the way in which…