Extending the Outlook Social Connector

I am one of those persons who has 25 apps running at the same time. I always have multiple instances of Explorer, VS, Office docs, and other apps running at all times. The one app I never close and I frequently visit is Outlook. One of the neat new additions to Outlook 2010 is the…

New: Office Developer Atlas

The Office Product Marketing group has released a new Silverlight-based training set to introduce you to developer investments in 2010 including VBA, Fluent UI, and the Office Backstage. The app was released yesterday to MSDN and you can access it from this link: http://www.microsoft.com/resources/msdn/en-us/office/media/Atlas/Default.html I’ll update this post with a link to an MSDN Dev…


Links and Toys of the Week (June 8, 2009)

Here’s a few toys and great reads that have kept me entertained for the last couple weeks: IIS SEO Toolkit Beta Now Available! If you manage a personal or company Web site and haven’t heard about this yet, get ready to be amused. The IIS team released last week the IIS Search Engine Optimization (SEO)…


Open XML Format SDK 2.0: Getting Started Best Practices

The Open XML Format allows you to generate, manipulate, or pull data from Word 2007, Excel 2007, and PowerPoint 2007 files. If you are working with Microsoft-based solutions, you can generate, manipulate, and pull data from documents using the following tools and technologies: Notepad: Yes you can do it by hand! This is the classic…


MSDN Office Developer Center on Twitter: Office and SharePoint News for Developers

I’ve been experimenting with Twitter for the last couple of months and I am quite addicted to it now. I love the fact that you can get real time news and chat with so many people from the community. SharePointDev, emilysc, ninar,and ricalo have been my Twitter mentors and got me deep into the addiction….


Office 2007 and SharePoint Technical Content in your own Language

A long time ago I blogged about Office developer resources in your own language. Ever since, we have seen the need for “Office Technical Content” in multiple languages. For example, in countries like Russia or France, developers and IT professionals create great SharePoint solutions and deployments, but there is low English affinity on those markets….


Top Office 2007 & SharePoint Articles, Downloads, Visual How-tos, and Portal Pages

I’ve spent the last few days pulling 2008 metrics for Office & SharePoint developer content. It’s quite interesting to see what flavor of chocolates devs pick at the candy store. The Office System is an umbrella of products and technologies. Popular picks from the Office dev community include SharePoint, Open XML, WSS, the Fluent UI,…


Links for January 9th 2009: LINQ for Office Developers, Office and Open XML Poster Downloads

Here is a list on links that I want to share with you. LINQ for Office Developers Some Office solutions require that you work with XML. Open XML documents, SharePoint, and InfoPath are great samples. LINQ to XML is an in-memory XML programming interface that enables you to modify XML documents efficiently and easily. One…


Office Developer Community Submitted Content

I believe that people who have an opportunity to work with the field own an incomparable wealth of knowledge. MVPs, partners, consultants, and developers learn through experience all the technical details needed to design, develop, and deploy line-of-business solutions. Some of this people are really passionate about sharing their knowledge with the community by becoming…


Tech Ed 2007 – Open XML File Formats booth: Part 1

If you couldn’t make it to TechEd – or even if you did – check out Virtual TechEd. I loved attending Tech Ed this year because I had a chance to be at the Open XML File Formats booth and chat with MVPs and developers that are really passionate about this technology. It was great…