Office Fluent UI (Ribbon): New Visual Studio Code Snippets and Office Visual How-to Series

The new Microsoft Office Fluent UI replaces the previous system of layered menus, toolbars, and task panes with a simpler system optimized for efficiency and discoverability. The new UI, including the Office Fluent Ribbon, provides improved context menus, enhanced screen tips, a Mini toolbar, and keyboard shortcuts that help to improve user efficiency and productivity….


New Office Visual How-to: Setting Custom Word 2007 Document Properties

You probably read the MSDN Magazine article: Setting Word Document Properties the Office 2007 Way by Ken Getz.  This was one of the first articles related to the Office Open XML Formats published by MSDN and it really helped me understand the Word document manipulation possibilites offered by the Office Open XML Formats. Today we published a…


InfoPath 2007 training labs + Office 2007 PIA

I love training labs because they are always great walkthroughs that show you how to get started with new features. Today I can share with you some labs that are available online.     The InfoPath team and Mark Roberts from my group worked on authoring and publishing a new set of InfoPath 2007 labs and all…


Compliance Features in the 2007 Microsoft Office System

I have seen some great articles about the 2007 Microsoft Office System, but if you are an architect or solution developer, this is one you don’t want to miss: Compliance Features in the 2007 Microsoft Office System. This paper talks about business opportunities and technical aspects of extending the 2007 Microsoft Office system features to…


Data-driven document generation with Word 2007 and the Office XML File Formats: Part 2

So you are looking for a component/technology/solution to help you generate Office files (documents, workbooks, and presentations) using a server-side application, and of course, using managed code. I can tell you that this need has been brought to my attention at some conferences, questions in DLs, customer feedback, and as a common customer requirement when I…


How to: Magic with SharePoint 2003, uploading files using a Web service

Some time ago I blogged about my intentions of uploading files to a SharePoint Document Library site from a local folder using some kind of Web service. After doing some research and some tests, I found a very easy way to do that and now I want to share with you the approach I followed…


MSDN Office Developer Center – Behind the Scenes

We are getting ready for Beta 2 and we have been working hard to produce articles, videos, interviews, code samples, and more content that dives into the details of how-to develop solutions using the 2007 Office System. The past months everything was about what you can do with 2007 Office System, now, we are getting ready…


The official name: 2007 Microsoft® Office system

Finally, I am able to spell the real name for the next version of Office: 2007 Microsoft® Office system. For those of you who have not seen the press passes and want to catch-up here is a list with some of them: FAQ: Looking into Office 12 Does “Office 12” equal Office 2007? Microsoft announces Office 2007 pricing, details See…