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I get to write my first post on the new MSDN blog platform about a new open position in my group. My manager posted this position at the Microsoft Career site and wanted to share details in my blog in case you are interested.

Content Publishing Manager 2(720752 -External)

Job Category: Software Engineering: Content Publishing
Location: United States, WA, Redmond
Job ID: 720752 18116
Division: Microsoft Business Division

We are looking for an experienced content manager who will manage a team of experienced programmer writers and editors for a set of Office productivity applications, used by millions of developers: Excel, Access, Outlook, Word, InfoPath, and more!
We’ve just shipped Office 2010. Your first priority will be to lead your team in developing all the high value content your team will deliver through our MSDN online presence (http://msdn.microsoft.com/office). We need your ideas, experience, creative energy, and persistence to continue to improve our content and connect with customers.

You will manage your own content acquisition budget, as well as collaborate with our partners in marketing to author or acquire content to support the Office 2010 launch. Think code samples, videos, walk-throughs, and scenario-based developer content!
The candidate is expected to provide overall direction and team leadership, documentation expertise, creativity, and a drive for results. You will be developing, collaborating on, and managing cross-product and cross-team projects. Armed with metrics data from Office.com and MSDN, as well as other sources of data, you will be responsible for ensuring the content meets the business needs of our customers and the strategic goals of the product team and of Microsoft. You will also collaborate with all parties to define the overall content strategy for your continuous publishing efforts.

You will also be responsible for maintaining a high level of morale in the team and developing people. You and your team will be working in the context of a dynamic group with high morale and continual healthy challenges, along with countless opportunities to help customers in new ways.

Recommended qualifications and experience:
- Experience with COM and VBA -- understanding of the Office object models is strongly preferred
- Industry experience with managed code: Visual Studio has long provided a way to develop Office solutions from managed code. Ideal candidates would have experience with COM Interop.
- Your exposure to Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) is a bonus.
- Awareness of OpenXML: our team also delivers the developer content for the OpenXML SDK v2, and we’re constantly evolving this content set. Let’s dig deeper to learn what adopters of this technology are experiencing.
- SharePoint understanding is required: all client applications have ties to SharePoint and we need to develop more and more content that leads developers to leverage those ties.
- Because our COM content requires quite a lot of engineering to build, familiarity with SQL Server and XML/XSLT is a definite asset.

I’ve been working on this team for five years and I can say it’s been an exciting ride to work on a group of talented writers and editors who provide developer content on MSDN for Office, SharePoint, and now UC and Exchange.

You can find the job description and apply to the job here:


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