Office Palooza: Join the contest to test & sharpen your VBA programming skills!

MSDN® is sponsoring a coding contest for Office 2007, named OfficePalooza! This sweepstakes will run two weeks beginning April 20, 2009, and features ten fun Visual Basic of Applications™ (VBA) coding challenges in the form of puzzles and games. Each entrant will earn a chance to win one of hundreds of available prizes, determined by a random drawing at the end of the contest.

About OfficePalooza

About OfficePalooza
What’s this all about, and where did this crazy idea come from, anyway?

OfficePalooza Challenge Preview

OfficePalooza Challenge Preview
Get a preview of the types of challenges you’ll be seeing with these short summaries. We’ve also included deadlines so you’ll be able to plan ahead.

Introduction to VBA

Getting Started with VBA

If you’re new to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), this article might help prepare you for the challenges.

Binder Clippy

The Story of Binder Clippy
An introduction to our mascot, Binder Clippy!

Find all details about this contest at the Office Palooza Web site:

In conjunction with this contest, an Advanced Business User theme will run on Microsoft Office Online from mid-April to mid-May, and will showcase the automation and extensibility aspects of Office 2007 through macros, custom VBA coding, the Fluent UI, and Office Open XML.  This collaborative effort will also highlight existing and newly-created content on the MSDN Microsoft Office Developer Center.

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Join the contest and have fun!

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