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If you haven't noticed already, MSDN is changing the content and look-and-feel of MSDN Developer Centers. This new design pulls a lot of community elements such as OPMLs, RSS feeds for bloggers and content, featured MVPs, and latest submissions to the MSDN Code Gallery and CodePlex.

The Office Developer Documentation group updates the MSDN Office Developer Center home page every Monday morning and today we went live with the new home page content and look. Take a look!

What's new in our home page?

Featured Headlines, How Do I Videos, and Downloads

We provide three RSS feeds that pull recently published content, news, and announcements (featured headlines), how do I videos (Visual How Tos), and downloads. Our home page provides a control that pulls the three feeds.

You can subscribe to our feeds as well:

Programs and Technologies

Our site brings together many MSDN developer portals and resource centers related to Office Development. We created an image map with quick links to our top developer portals so that you can access them quickly. We also provide links to more developer portals that Office developers visit frequently. We have many more pages and useful resources and it was tough to make them all fit here, so we also provide a link to our site map.

Featured Technology

Every week we feature an Office developer product or technology in our home page. We provide links to developer portals, top articles, top downloads, videos, or blogs that are related to an Office developer product or technology. We have tons of resources to rotate here! We are handpicking every week content with top ratings and highest number of page views.

Latest Office Developer Documentation Group Blog Posts

The Office Developer Documentation group authors and publishes developer content for many different Office programs and technologies. We have content managers and programmer writers blogging to share their knowledge with you as well as the latest news related to Office and MOSS content publishing.

You can find the Office Developer Documentation group OPML here:

Blog Posts from the Community

It is amazing how many product team members in Office share their knowledge through blogs. We compiled a list of top 40 Office product team blogs and individual bloggers who have a considerable number of RSS subscribers. We will be updating this OPML every month. You can find an OPML pull for all this bloggers on our home page.

You can also subscribe to the top 40 Office bloggers OPML here:

Office Projects from CodePlex

If your team is taking on the challenge of collaborative development with the developer community, CodePlex is the place to go.  On CodePlex you get the benefits of a Team Foundation Server backend to help you manage your team and your project.

We created a pull that provides quick access to projects uploaded to CodePlex and tagged as "Office."

Office 2007 Code Gallery Samples

The MSDN Code Gallery is a great place to put any sample projects you may have to help our developer customers with our platforms.  Here you can create a Wiki-style page to describe your sample and upload supporting documents including screenshots, design documents, or even video files!  In addition, you can host conversations about your samples, sample projects or other resources that you have provided to the community.  You then place your code file on the releases tab to automatically receive a download count and an MS Public License click through.   

Code Gallery is, at its core, simply a community enabled site where you can share developer enabling information and resources that will be integrated into the MSDN experience.  Code Gallery is a pure storage site with no project management capabilities.


We created a pull that provides quick access to projects uploaded to Code Gallery and tagged as "Office 2007."

Featured MVP

Many talented Office and SharePoint MVPs submit articles to MSDN to share their knowledge with the community. Every week we will rotate our MVPs so you can meet them and learn more about what they do.

I think this home page update brings together the best of Office developer content published by Microsoft with the best of content crafted by the community. We hope our improved home page becomes a must stop where you can find tons of useful resources that will help you learn much more about Office Development!

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