Update: Office Developer Poster – Looks so much better now!

I missed my blog so much! I took some vacation time to visit my family and then I was brave and lucky enough to have Lasik surgery. I've been willing to do that for a while and so far I love how the world looks without my glasses.


I just got a printed proof of the new version of the Office Developer Poster that we will distribute during the next conferences. Updates to the poster include new namespaces, changes to Office Add-in technologies and VSTO, and final Office 2007 RTM brand names. We also added a link to the interactive version of the poster: http://msdn.microsoft.com/office/devmap. I keep finding the poster and the interactive roadmap as great learning tools to get started with Office development and as good collection of Office developer resources.

Here is a quick peek of the latest version of the poster:


If you are a poster fan like me, you can download your free copy now:

Thanks to Rob Barker and the OBA team for providing this new poster. I am having a blast reading all namespaces and object names from a distance (without my glasses) J.

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