Office Live: Developer Documentation & Trainings

Microsoft Office Live is a set of Web-based services for small businesses to manage their business online. It consists of a public facing Web site and private Web site that employees can use to collaborate and manage the business. These sites can be customized by developers.

The following documentation can help you get started with Office Live:

  • Microsoft Office Live Overview for Developers: This presentation delivers an Overview of Office Live for Web Designers and Developers. It starts with a discussion of what Office Live is, and what the opportunity is for partners. It goes into some detail on the various ways that Office Live can be customized, including which APIs and tools are available. This ideally the first presentation you should watch if you are new to Office Live.

  • Office Live Developer Guide: The Office Live Developer's Guide describes the core concepts, requirements, and development guidelines for Office Live.

  • Office Live Developer Resource Mind Map: Don Campbell built a cool mind map that contains links to developer resources for customizing both Public and Private Office Live sites, sample applications, and a map to the Office Live Developer Guide.

  • Office Live Developer Screencasts: Check out these screencasts and code samples!

    If you are interested in training for Office Live, you should not miss the Office Live Review events. Don Campbell has a great post where he shares all the details.

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