Office 2003 and 2007: MSDN Technical Articles, How-To Content, and Code Samples

Some bloggers and third-party sites compile and provide a set of links to resources related to a topic and some of them are really good. Mark Kruger created a very cool list of 2007 MOSS Resource Links (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) that he updates frequently and I enjoy looking at his list every now and then to see what's new.

After one year of publishing Office 2007 content, we figured it was time to start building resource pages on MSDN to share with everyone. We took a deep dive to the MSDN Library – Office Solutions Development node and pulled tons of useful links and categorized them by content type.

These are all new resources pages that compile links to articles, code samples, and how-to articles for Office 2007:

We also built some resource pages for Office 2003:

We have so much content that I always thought it would be nice to have a single stop for Office development articles, code samples, and how tos. We will update these pages as we publish more content.


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  1. ennyp says:


    Thanks for the awesome job on aggregating so much information in one place. However, I’m having difficulties finding much information on Office Mobile development. Would you be able to direct me at any resources regarding Outlook 2007 Mobile development?


  2. Hi Ennyp,

    I am glad that you liked the Office 2007 resource pages.

    Regarding Outlook 2007 Mobile development, we have three articles that may help you:

    Outlook 2007 Mobile Service Guidelines part 1,2,3

  3. Dup Venter says:

    How do I open an office 2007 document in an office 2003 program?

  4. james w ladd says:

    i am using office 2003 and my data only lasts about 3 days. i used works task launcher with the same results. how do i achieve a permanent spreadsheet?

  5. tung says:

    hi Ennyp,

    i am looking for one library (dll) that i can read all version of ms office document (just read to extract text information). can you give me some direction.

    thanks in advance

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