Open XML Workshop + New PowerPoint 2007 Code Samples

Lucky me! I had the great opportunity to meet several of the Open XML developers at the Open XML workshop in Redmond last week.


The workshop was quite interesting in terms of content and delivery. Tons of advanced samples related with WordProcessingML, SpreadsheetML, PresentationML, and more. The code for the labs was awesome and of course the best part was having to opportunity to watch Doug + Wouter, Brian, Tristan, and Sanjay showing lots of practical demos. After the workshop, Doug recorded some Channel 9 interviews with some of them. You will be able to watch a Linux/Java interoperability with Open XML (Sonata Software) demo, an Open-source Open XML API for Java (Julien Chable) demo, and the Package Explorer for Open XML (Wouter Van Vugt) demo. Pretty neat stuff you can do with the Office Open XML Formats.

While all this happened, I had my own Office Open XML Formats + MSDN stuff going on.

Last week we published the first two PowerPoint 2007 + Office Open XML Formats code samples + articles + videos on MSDN. Yes! We have two more Office Visual How-tos by Mr. Ken Getz:

I think it's great that we finally have two samples available. Curious minds want to learn how to manipulate PPT slide decks using the System.IO.Packaging library, XML, and the PowerPoint Open XML Format. These samples come quite handy when you are considering server-side PPT manipulation.

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  1. Comme le souligner trés bien Julien , il y a eu lors du Summit un évenement paralléle : un WorkShop Open

  2. Durante mi última visita a Redmond, estuve en un curso de Open OfficeXML (OOXML). Este curso o taller

  3. Erika Ehrli says:

    If you are new to development with the Open XML Formats, take a look at this Open XML Online Training

  4. markovich says:

    Durante mi última visita a Redmond, estuve en un curso de Open OfficeXML (OOXML).

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