New Office Visual How-tos: Excel 2007 and the Office Open XML Formats

We have some documentation on Word and the Office Open XML Formats, but few documentation about Excel and PPT + the Office Open XML Formats. I am working with Joanna Bichsel and Mr. Ken Getz to get you all more samples that show you how to work with the System.IO.Packaging API to manipulate Excel workbooks and PPT slide decks. These samples have code in C# and VB.NET and they include a cool video that walks you through the process.

Ken repurposed 5/40 of the Office 2007 Open XML File Format code snippets and wrote great walkthroughs and videos that show you how it all works together. Today we published two of them:

We have three more coming soon:

  • Office Open XML Formats: Replacing PowerPoint 2007 Slide Images

  • Office Open XML Formats: Retrieving Lists of PowerPoint 2007 Slides

  • Office Open XML Formats: Setting Custom Word 2007 Document Properties

We have more Office Visual How-Tos about Excel, Access, Excel Services, the BDC, PPT, the Fluent Ribbon extensibility, and Item-Level Auditing that will be available soon. We will start updating the MSDN Office Developer How To Center as soon as we publish them.

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  1. I just got an email from Erika that read "I have a surprise for you!" and included a link to her latest

  2. Doug Mahugh says:

    Erika Ehrli has two more great articles in the "Office Visual How-To" series for developers. See Erika’s

  3. Erika is working on pulling together more coding examples for the OpenXML formats. We’ve seen a bunch

  4. RSS It All says:

    Erika is working on pulling together more coding examples for the OpenXML formats. We've seen a bunch

  5. Erika Ehrli says:

    You probably read the MSDN Magazine article: Setting Word Document Properties the Office 2007 Way by

  6. carlosGonzalez says:


    I am trying to insert customXML data into Excel documents and map its nodes from the cells so that I do not have to access cell[A1], … but the corresponding node <employees><employee>Pepe…

    May you speak about how to achieve this customXML mapping in Excel?


  7. Heniek says:


    I have to upgrade native MFC/C++ applications to support examining and reading Office Open XML Format spreadsheets. Can you suggest any library that I could use to provide this support? Help will be greatly appreciated.


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