Compliance Features in the 2007 Microsoft Office System

I have seen some great articles about the 2007 Microsoft Office System, but if you are an architect or solution developer, this is one you don't want to miss: Compliance Features in the 2007 Microsoft Office System. This paper talks about business opportunities and technical aspects of extending the 2007 Microsoft Office system features to facilitate compliance.

Joanna Bichsel wrote this paper. She is a subject matter expert and she is doing an excellent job to help customers understand how to build Office Business Applications. She runs demos in developer conferences and her blog is a must stop. She will be posting a lot of short walkthroughs for developers and architects.

I loved this paper piece of art, and the two things I liked the most are:

  1. This paper has a wonderful diagram that will help you understand which programming languages, existing technologies and communication protocols you can use to extend and connect different 2007 Microsoft Office system programs, servers, services and tools. As I said before, sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words.

  2. It's the best document (I have read) about what's new for developers in the 2007 Microsoft Office system. This is THE paper you have to read if you are trying to understand new features that shipped with the 2007 Microsoft Office System and how to build solutions using them. This paper provides an overview of what you can do using: Workflow, Auditing, Digital Signatures, Content Types, Routings, Enterprise Search, Document Inspector, Excel Services, the new Office XML File Formats and more. It's focused on how to use new features for compliance, but it still provides a great overview.

I know there are tons of papers, documentation, webcasts, and technical articles. But this is one you should definitely send to the printer and enjoy.


Comments (4)

  1. Jonathan says:

    Office compliance features are focussed on permissioning, not the control over production of financial data required for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

    If you want to be able to setup checks and controls – that you didn’t accidentally change one of your functions to a hardcoded value etc, that a daily price has actually changed and you haven’t accidentally still got yesterdays – you need a full control solution like ClusterSeven.

    [I don’t work for them!]

  2. Thanks Eric for pointing this one out: With the recent launch of 2007 Office System, it's always

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