Posters update, Office Live and great news for MSDN subscribers…

Hi all,

Just some random thoughts before I go on vacation, stay a week OOF without my laptop, and try not to think about the things I didn't finish before I leave.

Poster updates:

We fixed a typo and added required EULA information to the download page. We republished the three Office development posters as pdf files:

The download family page is still the same:

A lot of people complained about the packaging and we are commited to make you happy.

Office Live is ready to rock:

This week we launched the new release of Office Live. Check out the CNBC news story and the Office Live site. Office Live provides a platform for developers to create a wide range of online business solutions for small businesses including hosted Web sites and collaborative applications. You can explore developer resources that will help you create your custom online solutions at the Office Live Developer Portal.

Office 2007 is now available to MSDN Subscribers!

As an MSDN subscriber, you can download the final version of Office 2007 and begin building your applications today. If you are an MSDN subscriber, you can download the final version here.

See you in a week,


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