Developer Map for the 2007 Microsoft Office System: Download your poster today!

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the treasure map for Office developers that we were building and I am glad to announce that we finished two weeks ago the poster version and it's ready to download! This is the third poster of the 2007 Office System Document: Developer Posters download family.

The Developer Map for the 2007 Microsoft Office system helps developers visualize the different programs, servers, services and tools that will help them build solutions. You can drill down to each product and technology and learn about new features, objects, Web services, namespaces and schemas requiered to extend Office. There are more than 50 persons who worked to make this possible with the motivation of building a cool tool to evangelize Office. Based on the fact that Office 2007 is more than you think, we thought this was a great way to help developers understand the bigger picture and learn how Office products and technologies relate to each other.

The goals of this poster are:

  1. Provide a roadmap that shows all Office products and technologies that have an interesting developer story.

  2. Categorize all extensibility technologies (green bars) and visually demonstrate how you can use them to extend specific products. For example, you can use Ribbon UI extensibility for Word 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Outlook 2007 and Access 2007, but not for InfoPath 2007, Visio 2007, Project 2007, Groove 2007 or Communicator 2007.

  3. List most relevant developer features (blue text) added to Office (2007) programs.

  4. Make a clear distinction between all Office products and technologies (programs, servers, tools and services).

  5. Make a clear distinction between features and services offered by WSS 3.0 and Office SharePoint Server 2007.

  6. Highlight the programs you can extend and customize using VSTO and VSTA (you will see a logo where VSTO or VSTA applies).

  7. Explain the Add-in story by making a clear distinction between Shared Add-Ins, VSTO 2005 SE Application Level Add-Ins and COM Add-Ins.

  8. Provide the names of specific namespaces, Web services, interfaces or schemas (gray text) required to extend functionality of different Office products and technologies.

  9. Provide a list of most relevant objects (green text) used to extend Office programs, servers and WSS 3.0.

  10. Finally, the most challenging goal, summarize the most relevant facts and make it all fit on a limited rectangular space.

BTW, if you have plans to attend Dev Connections in Las Vegas or Tech Ed Barcelona, you should visit the Office booths. We are sending nicely printed copies of this poster. I encourage you to get one (or more) b/c there's a lot of text and it looks better if you print it on a bigger piece of paper.

I can't describe how happy I am because of this poster. I enjoyed working with all the people who made this possible, but what makes me happier is that I know this will help other developers understand quickly what took me months to figure out. 

Cheers to Office and the whole galaxy of developer technologies it represents!

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  1. In an earlier post, I pointed to Erika’s document map that linked to related documentation. Erika recently

  2. The map for the 2007 Office system was extremely popular at our TechEd Boston conference back in August.

  3. Doug Mahugh says:

    A while back, I mentioned a "Developer Map for the 2007 Microsoft Office System" poster that Erika was

  4. Erika Ehrli nous informe, via son blog , de la disponibilité d’un nouveau poster disponible en téléchargement:

  5. roky says:

    Greaaaaaaaaat Erika!  Congratulations!

    Hey… How can I get a printed copy ;)….???

  6. roky's blog says:

    Nuestra compatriota Erika Ehrli acaba de publicar el poster oficial del Mapa para Desarrolladores de…

  7. Note on TYPO: No matter how many tech review and editing passes we did, we managed to print the poster with a little bug.

    Under Excel 2007, SLL interface should be XLL interface.

    Just wanted to clarify before you realize that SLL is an imaginary interface.

  8. Nice work on getting this out.

    This can be a very valuable learning tool for putting things in perspective with folks who want to get on board with MOSS 2007

  9. ross says:

    thanks, looks good!this is going to to be a print out then a photocopy on to A3 i think! 😉

  10. Juanelo says:

    this is a MUST have in any seriuos Office Developer Wall!

    great idea thanks!

  11. Mike says:

    Nice effort – should be very useful.

    But the process: Download a Setup exe (that always crashes creating the directory on my laptop if I just go Next Next Next) that installs a PDF?  Classic Microsoft techie overkill – thanks for the entertainment…

  12. You are absolutely right. We had to package the posters with an EULA, for that reason, we had to place a pdf file inside a setup. After long discussions and changes in the download center we were finally allowed to publish the posters as pdf files: Platform.pdf

  13. Erika Ehrli says:

    I compiled my top ten list of resources for architects and solution developers that plan to start building solutions using the 2007 Microsoft Office system (including SharePoint of course) and VSTO.

  14. Thanks Eric for pointing this one out: With the recent launch of 2007 Office System, it's always

  15. ... says:

    mmm.. nice design, I must say..

  16. ... says:

    Lavoro eccellente! ..ringraziamenti per le informazioni..realmente lo apprezzo: D

  17. ... says:

    Dein Aufstellungsort verdient nur gute Woerter. Danke.

  18. ... says:

    luogo interessante, soddisfare interessante, buon!

  19. ... says:

    Luogo molto buon:) Buona fortuna!

  20. ... says:

    E evidente che il luogo e stato fatto dalla persona che realmente conosce il mestiere!

  21. ... says:

    Lo trovo piuttosto impressionante. Lavoro grande fatto..)

  22. ... says:

    Stupore! ho una sensibilit molto buona circa il vostro luogo!!!!

  23. markovich says:

    ous informe, via son blog , de la disponibilité d’un nouveau poster disponible en téléchargement:

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  27. M Masters says:

    I downloaded the map and got an orange window with NOTHING on it except a small logo.  The map didn't display at all.  Worse yet, when I moved the cursor over the window, it was apparent that some functionality was there because if I clicked the cursor, it would try to bring up more windows.  I uninstalled the map and reinstalled it.  Same problem.  I turned off all my firewall settings, uninstalled the map and reinstalled it.  Same problem.

    What a great map!  You should sell it to DARPA because it has many hidden features BUT NO USER INTERFACE!!!

  28. Osman Gudiel Davila says:

    Excelent software de innovación en sus avances Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft Office Congratulations un 100 % Saludos:

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